William Jorge Del Castillo Reyes has been working within hospitals since the age of 14. Pushing wheel chairs as a Red Cross Volunteer at a community hospital, he took 2 city buses to work his shifts after high school classes. At the height of the Cuban refugee crisis in Miami, he served as a life-line between Latino patients who spoke no English and Physicians who knew no Spanish. He learned the importance of having well-tailored communication skills that were appropriate for diverse audiences.

After graduating from college he took on varied jobs: Drug / Alcohol Addiction Counselor, teacher for children of migrant workers, Catholic lay ministry and volunteer missionary work. He worked for 9 years in the clinical setting as a member of a clinical perfusion cardiothoracic surgical team at a university teaching hospital.

Mr. Reyes had a successful 12 year career in the Pharmaceutical industry within Cardiovascular, Infectious Diseases and Oncology arenas. He promoted evidenced based data to physicians of various specialities, led lectures, workshops and Round-Table discussions with Key Opinion Leaders, Principal Investigators and Disease Specialists in academic, private and government institutions. He also presented and negotiated business contracts with CEOs and administrators of hospitals and nursing homes.

Mr. Reyes graduated from a Cuban Jesuit high school and a Jesuit college in the Deep South USA. His parents never went past 6th grade in Cuba. Mr. Reyes lived in a Benedictine Monastery to discern a monastic vocation and credits his Jesuit formation as providing the foundation from which he draws his critical thinking skills. He earned an MBA Degree (summa cum laude) and is currently pursuing a doctorate in medicine (MD Degree).

Mr. Reyes is fluent in Spanish and English, is active in his Catholic parish, balances his time with the sport of bodybuilding, reading and his family. He is a Certified Personal Trainer, enjoys healthy nutrition, traveling, photography and public speaking.